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2019 News
We will be in the studio working on two new songs to come out after Thanksgiving.  One is an original Christmas song and the other is an Original beach song.  Stay tuned for more information to come in the future.

June 29th:

"Every Minute With You" reaches # 1 for two weeks in a row at "On the Boardwalk" with Justin Rouse and moves to #7 on Mitch Harb radio in Lexington, NC.  Thank you to all who play our music and the fans who request it.


Raceway beach festival is a great success and "Sunshine" is released.  WOW!!!  Great reviews on our new release of "Sunshine" featuring Kim Jones.  From Virginia to South Carolina it is being played on your local beach music stations.   Call in to request it today.

"Every Minute With You"

"Every Minute With You" is another original song written and features Jan Raines.  The song was released on March 2nd to your beach music stations from MJR Entertainment and recorded at Music Box Studios.  Thank you to all the DJ's that play our music and our fans who support us.  Make sure to call your local beach music station and request our new song. It will be released on a New Compilation CD titled, "I Count The Tears" from Patman & Robin Records.

"Lovely Lady"

The song "Lovely Lady" has been included on the compilation CD "Tranquil Bay" produced by  Patman & Robin Records and started off this year on the "Smokin 45" Chart.  The song features Lead singer Kim Jones.

You can pick up your copy at Judy's House of Oldies in Myrtle Beach, SC or order online at www.Largetime.net.

"If This Ain't Love"

A re-make of the Tams song "If This Ain't Love"  has been released and is now available with Rex Jones doing his version of this classic tune.

"She's That Special Woman"

This original song was released in May of 2018 featuring Jan Raines , who wrote the song and sings lead.  2019 has started off well for us, as this song has hit another chart.  It has topped two different charts across the state at #1 for three weeks in a row and is being listened to in the UK as well.   Thank you to everyone who request our songs  and the DJ's who play them..

Request these tunes at your local radio station  !!