East Coast

Rhythm & Blues Band

Robert Earl Dilday

Robert Earl is a truly focused drummer. Affectionately known as the “Pied Piper of Music", he drives hard to streamline his music to bring home his best. His well-rehearsed drum techniques helps create the atmosphere to get those dancers on the floor!  Putting in the effort and hard work makes this drummer a wonderful musician and friend to all.  Always willing to help a fellow musician out is one of the may attributes that can be said about this man.  And by the way, he has been playing drums since the '60s!


Terry Eason
Lead Guitar
Terry is a powerhouse guitarist...a quick learner to any song given him.  He is extremely diligent in reproducing those guitar nuances essential to any ear to know he has "done his homework".  He began playing guitar at the age of 8 when he picked up his first Gretch New Yorker Hollow Body given him by his uncle.  Over next 54 years he has amassed knowledge only a few guitarists know.  His influences that turned his head were Roy Clark and Buck Owens.  Later on he drifted away for a short while and he heard Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmie Vaughan and their "family style album" .  The song that made something click was hearing (Telephone Song).  Although they moved around a lot, Terry said they got their start in Houston.  The Vaughan Brothers was a collaboration of Stevie Ray Vaughan and older brother Jimmie Vaughan.  A one time thing at the time that could've gone to more albums, but SRV's unexpected death dashed all hopes of making another album with his brother.  The album "Family Style" was recorded in 1990, and was released just after SRV's death.  This was the pivotal point in his deciding to come back strong.  East Coast Rhythm & Blues Band are glad he chose to come on board with his talent.
Al Hines

Where to begin about a man who has taken the vast majority of his life in playing saxophone.  Al Hines is our newest member to join the horn section of East Coast Rhythm & Blues Band.   He takes any song and makes it his own!     

As a part of the ECRBB Brass, he transforms his sound into works of art others only dare to dream of!  He does it consistently each and every show with class!  

Al comes from a strong musical background.  He has been plowing the rows since as a self-taught musician and fills in occasionally on vocals!    Performing in front of an audience is what he lives for.  Al says “you have to give it your all, get the crowd up on their feet and moving to the beat … and keep’em there!”

He puts his all-in-all into every performance.  Crowd participation is something many bands fail to do.  Along with Drew Walton, Al makes a point to get all involved by going out into the crowd and getting them stirred up!

Al is extremely passionate about his music and holds nothing back on stage.  He electrifies audiences with his horn and this is the greatest high a musician could wish for.

As a Fayetteville State graduate with degrees in criminal justice and business administration and 10 years of military service in the U. S. Army, he has come a long way.

Al actually began as a drummer at the age of 13 and waited until he was 48 to pick up a used sax from a pawn shop for $80!

His influences included J. Coltrane, Grover Washington Jr., Kirk Whalum and David Sanborn.

Kim Jones
Lead Vocals / Trombon

Trombonist/Vocalist Kim Jones is a one man powerhouse on the trombone! He grew up listening mostly to Motown, country and beach! He and Mike Davis form what is known as the ECRBB Brass for East Coast Rhythm & Blues Band!  Kim provides a great deal of energy to the band and performs each show with explosive enthusiasm. During a performance, he may leave the stage and be in the crowd singing, dancing or who knows what, but I can assure you, it will be entertaining. As co-founder, Kim has been also playing drums since the age of 4, and counts the famed drummer, Buddy Rich, among his top inspirational percussionists. Kim remembers singing in the family gospel group as a child and is now putting those sweet vocals and harmonies to work. Not only is Kim an accomplished drummer, but he learned how to play the trombone to add depth to the ECRBB horn section!
Rex Jones
Lead Vocals

Lead vocalist, Rex Jones started singing at the age of 7. 

All his life has been centered on his family and friends, carefully drawing them in with his love for music and having people enjoy them.  Rex sets the bar during each stage performance of East Coast Rhythm & Blues Band by drawing the crowd in and totally captivating the audience over and over each time!  Along with his percussion, he adds flair not equal to any other male vocalist…and he’s not a bad dancer either!  Just like his younger brother Kim, Rex grew up singing gospel, but also learning to sing a different kind of soulful song as he worked the fields of the farm. Rex previously sang in the bands "Chance" and "Heart and Soul".  James Brown is among his greatest influences and you can readily hear that in his voice.  Rex is anything but one-dimensional; however, not only can he name and sing nearly every Beach and Motown song ever written, he can tell you stories of when he met many of the artists.  He is a dynamo on and off stage and works to no ends to ensure the crowd is up and entertained.  We are glad to have him singing with us!

Andrew "Drew" Walton
Andrew is one of our members of the East Coast Rhythm & Blues Band horn section. Originally from New Orleans, Drew made his way to Rocky Mount.  A natural love for music at an early age, he began playing the trumpet in grade school.  Ask him who inspired him the most and he'll answer, "my mother is a gospel singer and I knew I was born rooted in music!"  His favorite musical genres are gospel, Classical, New Orleans, 2nd line jazz, soul, funk ... too many to list!
During his career, he has studied with Hosea C. Brower, Dr. Timmy Zachery, and Dr. Paul I. Adams. His influences growing up and even into adulthood were/are Dizzy Gillespie, Wynton Marsalis, Miles Davis, Allen Vizzutti, Cat Anderson, Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews and Jon Gifford.
Drew has performed with the Rocky Mount Senior High Marching Gryphons, Norfolk State University Marching Spartan Legion and most recently, Showers of Blessing Christian Center Gospel Choir, 7th Hour Groove Masters and East Coast Rhythm & Blues Band.  His "spot-on" performances adds much to our overall horn sound and his vocals are a definite added plus for the group.  The ability to change from horn to horn to vocals and back is quite something to watch.  Andrew is extremely passionate about his music and holds nothing back on stage.  He electrifies audiences with his horns and vocals and this is the greatest high a musician could wish for.
Jan Raines

This is one “Walking Tall” performer who puts his all-in-all into every performance. As a compliment to ECRBB, Jan adds his own vocal skills to power up any crowd into getting up and get to dancing! Out front and personal with the dancers he has made a positive impact on them as he invites the dancers to sing along with the band. Crowd participation is something many bands fail to do and Jan makes a point to get all involved! His trumpet playing skills proves to be some of the best of the best around!

Tommie Norris

Tommie Norris comes from an extensive musical background. He has played with local bands throughout many regions of North Carolina entertaining all types of music. His talents on the keys are phenomenal and with such tasteful sounds as the Hammond B3 organ to many others, he completes the total package.

Mike Davis
Saxophone / Vocals
Mike Davis is an original member of ECRBB,  playing tenor saxophone with the group starting in October of 2009.  He started his music endeavors by playing clarinet, tenor and baritone saxophone with the high school marching,  concert and jazz bands ..... garnering the title of "band geek'.  Since then he has played in a variety of venues with different personnel and joining ECRBB in 2009.   For the last year with ECRBB,  Mike has focused on baritone saxophone and providing those low tones.  Speaking of low tones, he also provides the baritone vocals for the group.

In additon to being member of the group,  Mike also supports ECRBB as a sponsor through his business "Pelican's SnoBalls".
Richard  "Rick"  Sutton

Rick began playing guitar at the age of 12 and very quickly became interested in a variety of styles of music including Motown, Beach, Pop, and Rock and Roll. At the age of 20, Rick made the transition to bass guitar and he has not looked back. He strives to identify the right bass line for each and every song and then adds his personal touch to the music. Since 1971, he has played with local and regional bands such as “100% Plus”, “Southern Expressions”, “Heaven's Echos”, “The Southern Tradition Band”, and “The Seaside Band”. Rick is enjoying being a member of the “East Coast Rhythm and Blues Band” family and having the opportunity to play this awesome style of music with the phenomenal musicians and singers that are in this band!